Nomcebo's Secondhand Shop

Nomcebo Hlongwa is 34 years old and from Isipingo, Kwazulu-Natal. Via The Wellness Centre Trust, she was able to do a Business course and several trainings, but it has been difficult for her to find a steady job. She currently lives with her brother and tries to provide for her 2 children. 

The Dress Shop has set up a program for her to start her own secondhand shop by selling clothes that have small flaws. Nomcebo has followed a Sewing Class through Grace Aid and is able to fix and mend clothes, whereafter she can sell them. She goes to the local markets in Isipingo or sells them via her own Facebook page Nomcebo’s Secondhand Shop.

We would like to thank the customers of The Dress Shop who are happy to donate their clothes in case we are not able to sell them. We try to keep the quality of our clothes high but also try to avoid clothes ending up in landfills. This way we can enforce circular fashion even more.